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XPENGP7 2024


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About XPENG P7 2024

The XPENG P7 2024 is a 5 seater Sedan offered at a price range starting from AED 135,000.

This model comes in 0 different trim(s) and offers a choice of 0 engine option(s) that are compliant with emission standards.
Key Specifications includes undefined litre(s) of engine capacity, torque of undefined Nm and comes with 0 cylinder(s).

XPENG P7 2024 Key Specifications

Driving Range

Driving Range

undefined Km
Battery Capacity

Battery Capacity

Charging Time

Charging Time

Transmission Type

Transmission Type

Seating Capacity

Seating Capacity

5 Seater




Latest XPENG P7 2024 Updates

P7 2024 price starts from AED 135,000 and goes up to AED 135,000 in the UAE. This Sedan has a seating capacity of 5 and available in 0 trims.

Colour Option:

XPENG offers customers a selection of 4 attractive color(s) for the P7 2024 choice(s): Gray, Dark Grey, Black Metallic, Green.

Engine and Transmission:

XPENG P7 2024 comes with 0 engine options: . This comes with Automatic transmission options.


Inside the XPENG P7 2024, you'll find a range of luxurious features. These include undefined.


Turning our attention to the exterior, the XPENG P7 2024 boasts an array of impressive features - undefined.


It gets undefined and many more.


The XPENG P7 2024 dimensions include a length of around undefined metres, a width of approximately undefined metres, and a height of roughly undefined metres. These dimensions contribute to the P7 2024 spacious interior while also giving it a bold and assertive stance on the road.


The XPENG P7 2024 competes with Tesla Model Y, Tesla Model 3, BYD SEAL.

XPENG P7 2024 Brochure

Download XPENG P7 2024 brochure in just one click to view specification and features.


XPENG P7 2024 Colors

Celebrate the XPENG P7 2024 striking personality with a choice of 4 captivating color(s): Gray, Dark Grey, Black Metallic, Green. Immerse yourself in the visual feast by exploring the full spectrum of color images showcasing the XPENG P7 2024, available exclusively on Carbike360. Feast your eyes on these vibrant hues and let the P7 2024 elegance captivate you.

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XPENG Related FAQ's

XPENG P7 2024 offers battery capacity of undefined.

XPENG P7 2024 uses undefined.

Yes, the XPENG P7 2024 has 0 trims available with an automatic transmission option.

The XPENG P7 2024 is equipped with a range of safety features including undefined
The safety features might vary depending on the trim you are choosing.

No, the P7 2024 does not comes with an Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS)

No, the XPENG P7 2024 does not contain airbags.

None of the 0 trims of XPENG P7 2024 have Cruise control.

None of the 0 trims of XPENG P7 2024 offers Sunroof option

The engine capacity of the XPENG P7 2024 typically is undefined litres, depending on the specific trim and configuration.

XPENG P7 2024 comes with 4 color choice(s): Gray, Dark Grey, Black Metallic, Green.

Prominent top trim(s) include undefined each offering a distinct set of features.

The XPENG P7 2024 measures approximately undefined meters in length, undefined meters in width, and undefined meters in height, although minor variations might exist

Power output of P7 2024 is undefined BHP.

The length of the XPENG P7 2024 Is approximately undefined meters.

The OTR Price for base model is undefined but it may vary on the location. It's recommended to reach out to a local dealership for the latest pricing.

The minimum down payment required to purchase a XPENG P7 2024 in the UAE can vary depending on factors such as the dealership, financing options, and your creditworthiness. It's advisable to directly contact XPENG dealerships or financial institutions in the UAE to get precise and up-to-date information on the minimum down payment requirements for buying a XPENG P7 2024.

No models price data available with the exact same price for now.

XPENG P7 2024 with a undefined battery will take about 0 hours to fully charge. Level 3 DC public fast chargers provide the shortest charging time, fully charging your LEAF in 0 minutes depending on your battery capacity